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Once upon a time there was a girl named Naomi who loved to listen. And the more she listened the more she understood that the world was full of stories and that these stories offered not only entertainment but also solace and inspiration. She began to tell stories from dinner tables to classrooms, from the 11th Annual International Storytelling Festival in Vancouver, Canada to the Science Meets Dharma project in Southern India. From hospices to forests, new words and old tales found each other.

And so it goes…

I have told stories exploring the heaven, hell and purgatory of every home for the In the House Festival in Vancouver, and I have told stories from 1001 Arabian Nights in Zurich, Switzerland. I have developed workshops for schools in Morocco, Switzerland and Vancouver as well as for the Cortona conference in Tuscany, Italy.

Stories have spilled and tumbled together, paving a long and interesting road. In this way the old Siberian saying has proven true: If you don’t know the trees you may become lost in the forest. If you don’t know the stories you may become lost in life.

I have been deeply touched by story-listening.

Story is for me both a fun and profound way to explore causality/inter-dependence, wholeness, and emptiness.

Story is more than words…more than the letters that make up the words…more than performance, tone and inflection. Story does not inherently have value or meaning, but rather depends upon both the teller and the listener to come alive.

Stories create the space and time necessary for experiencing possible worlds.

In this time of global crisis and opportunity, storytelling allows me to serve and work towards the world in which I want to live. Storytelling allows me to serve as an entertainer, as a teacher, as a friend. Storytelling allows me to serve community and the earth.

My intention is to use storytelling as a way for all of us to learn to listen to ourselves.

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