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upcoming shows

February 2011

Saturday Feb 19
ReTell (Storytelling to Sustain)

11:15 am - 12:15 pm
6th Annual Volunteers in the Arts Conference
Museum of Vancouver,
1100 Chestnut Street=09


E-mail vog@shaw.ca, or Tel 604-733-9329


Friday Feb. 25
The False Creek Bride

7pm (best for adults)

Feb 26 and 27
3 shows per day, all ages!

12 - 12:30pm
2:15-6 2:45pm
3:30- 4:00pm

FREE- wristbands available after 11am each day.

June 2011

Sunday, June 26
Midsummer Fete

Colony Farm Regional Park, Coquitlam
www.metrovancouver.org search 'special events'
Presented by Metro Vancouver and Public Dreams Society

JULY 2011

July 4 -8
Storytelling Camp (ages 9-12)

St. George School

July 22-24
Towards Eden Festival


Aug 13-14
Storytelling Workshop

Foxglove Farm - Salt Spring Island




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