The stories I tell come from all over the world; Traditional stories, folktales, fairytales - old stories with new words, new stories with old wisdom. Stories made to breathe again.

A story can provide information, entertain, be an adventure, or share wisdom. Cultures around the world have always used stories to guide and to entertain, to heal and nurture community.
From the great explanatory myths to simple nursery rhymes, from commercials to conscious lyrics and beyond, stories shape our lives and
help determine the reality each individual
chooses to build.

From the whimsical to the wise, I offer storytelling programs on a wide variety of subjects. Pulling from my existing repertoire or catering to a particular theme, I am always excited to uncover old stories and new meanings.

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Storytelling workshops


Storytelling Workshops are a wonderful way to:
support community,
foster listening,
enhance school curriculum,
encourage imagination,
model integrity,
broaden cultural understanding.


If you would like to arrange a workshop, or find out more, please email me here









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