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Land of no return

Click here for a live recording of The Land of No Return at Spartacus Books in 2007.
The evening opened with music from Cornerstone (Khari, Frazey Ford, Matt Anderson, Ora Cogan)

Click here for a studio recording of the story with Yvette Narlock - thank you, Yvette, for your support.

I have not yet fully licensed this production under the creative commons, but I would eventually like to (please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons for more info about what I mean.)

Traditional Folk and Fairytales cannot be owned - we already are our stories. Please distribute, copy, share, or archive. Sit with the story and squish it out of your own heart through your own mouth!

My request is simply that you let me know in what direction you are taking this story, and very importantly, that you credit sources.

contact me.

Many thanks to:

Howard Schwarz, editor of Elijah's Violin and other Jewish Fairytales where I sourced 'The Wonderful Healing Leaves,' a traditional Jewish fairytale from Iraqi-Kurdistan.

Yvette Narlock, who patiently recorded, produced, and musically supported me.

Mariam Abu Regayak, from the Negev Desert for teaching me the ways of hospitality.

Shariff Kanaana, living in Ramallah, for providing invaluable insight into this story.

















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